Fishing hours are 7am to 4pm each day with weigh-in following between 4pm-6pm.
Daily from 3pm: Experience Booths, Live DJ, Food Stalls, Bar.

Monday May 13 2019
From 4pm: Bbq + Bar Open
5pm-7pm: Registration
7pm-8pm: Captain's Meeting

Tuesday May 14 2019
7am-4pm: Fishing Day 1
4pm-6pm: Weigh Station

Wednesday May 15 2019
7am-4pm: Fishing Day 2
4pm-6pm: Weigh Station
7pm: Party at Peppers Bar & Grill

Thursday May 16 2019
No Fishing

Friday May 17 2019
7am-4pm: Fishing Day 3
4pm-6pm: Weigh Station
8pm: Dinner
9pm: Awards & Closing Ceremony

Saturday May 18 2019
12:30pm: CayMAS road carnival

Sunday May 19 2019
1pm: Iconz cool down boat cruise