Over $270,000 in guaranteed prize money available. Estimated payouts for each are as follows (USD):

*Does not include the insured payout of $250,000 for angler breaking local blue marlin record or added entry jackpots.

Most Billfish Release Points $100,000
2nd Most Billfish Release Points $35,000
3rd Most Release Points $20,000
Captain’s Award (Most Release Pts) $10,000
Heaviest Tuna $10,000
2nd Heaviest Tuna $5,000
3rd Heaviest Tuna $2,500
Heaviest Wahoo $10,000
2nd Heaviest Wahoo $5,000
3rd Heaviest Wahoo $2,500
Heaviest Dolphin $10,000
2nd Heaviest Dolphin $5,000
3rd Heaviest Dolphin $2,500
Guaranteed payout for winner of added entry*  
Non- Billfish Doubler (Tuna) $15,000
Non- Billfish Doubler (Wahoo) $15,000
Non- Billfish Doubler (Dolphin) $15,000
Dolphin Bonus $10,000


*Payout of winners of added entry categories:

Non-billfish doubler (Tuna) 

Non-billfish doubler (Wahoo) 

Non-billfish doubler (Dolphin)

Dolphin bonus (heaviest)